On The Spot Game Show Podium System
On The Spot Game Show Podium System
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On The Spot

“On The Spot” takes “buzzing in” to the next level! Not only can you buzz yourself in but now you can also buzz in your opponent!

“On The Spot” can be used in any number of gaming ideas or simply stick to the classic 3 round paradigm. The first round is basic trivia game play using the colored buzzers for each player. In the second round you can then use either the colored buttons to answer or by using the yellow “On The Spot” button to buzz in your opponent. After your opponent has been buzzed in, their microphone is live and the bright spotlights shine down on them literally putting them “On The Spot”! In the third round you can start the countdown clock and give your players a specific time to answer a question, and if neither of them can answer within the allotted time, both players lose points!

The possibilities are endless with the new “On The Spot” game show system. The system comes with a full podium, countdown clock, lock-out capability, mounting pole for the clock, 2 condenser microphones, a DI box for sound filtering, wireless and wired remotes and a detailed user manual. The lock-out feature built into the “On The Spot” means that when a player buzzes in, it will lock-out the other players allowing the host to know who buzzed in first. The "On The Spot" is a stand-alone system and will not directly interface with our software.

All of our systems come with a one year parts and labor warranty and excellent customer support.


  • Road Case: Length:31.50" x Width:17.50" x Height:22"
  • Top Podium: Length:29.50" x Width:15.25" x Height:14.75"

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