GSS-6000 Game Show Podium System
GSS-6000 Game Show Podium System
⤷ Model Number: GSS-6000
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Product Discontinued
The new Face-Off Dot Matrix will be available in July. This system will be discontinued.


The GSS-6000 takes the best features of our classic stand-alone systems and combines them with our new dot matrix technology and sturdy new podium design giving an awesome game show console that is great for any event. The GSS-6000 is a stand-alone system that is controlled by a failsafe hard-wired controller.

Triple digit scoring and fast operation makes the GSS-6000 superior to its predecessors.


  • 2 Dynamic microphones
  • Direct input filter for clean sound
  • 4 button hard-wired remote control
  • Owner's Manual and a one year parts and labor warranty


  • Road Case: Length:34" x Width:17.75" x Height:17.75"
  • Top Podium: Length:32" x Width:10" x Height:9.50"
  • Poles: Length:18"

* The GSS-6000 pictured has been displayed with our new Tuff Coat case covering that is optional upon request. The base model is professionaly carpeted with black peformers carpeting.