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Published: Sunday, May 21, 2017

Downloaded Software will not run on my MAC OS X

Upon the release of Apple's Lion OS X back in 2012, an application was packaged with the operating system called Gatekeeper. Gatekeeper flags downloaded applications that are not digitally signed by the developer as "Quarantined". This presents an issue for companies that have developed software titles without a digital signature. This support article will assist in a proper workaround for this issue.

This article pertains to downloaded software titles only whether DEMO versions or full registered copies. The most common errors or prompts by the MAC OS X are displayed below.

This article is intended to step through the process enabling the software to function properly. The DEMO version available on our Web site will be the focus of this article but the same principles will apply to full retail downloads as well.


Step 1. Downloading from Game Show Mania

Navigate to your Safari web browser and type in Click on the software link on the left side navigation. Choose the software title that you want to DEMO and click on either the picture or the software name. There will be a "Manuals, Tools & Downloads" tab below the item that will reveal the download link for the software. Simply click on the link and your software will begin downloading automatically. See images below as a reference.


Step 2. Drag the downloads to the desktop

After the download has completed, go to your downloads folder and drag the newly downloaded folder to your desktop. Once the folder is on your desktop, click inside of it. There will be a file in each software download called "Mac OS X Fix". This file contains the information needed to remove the quarantine on your software download. See images below as a reference.


Step 3. Extracting the main executable file

In each MAC version of the software will be a file named "". Double click on this file to extract the executable file into your main game folder. The MAC operating system will do this automatically after you click on the file.


Step 4. Opening your terminal window. Copying & Pasting!

The next step is the most important step! This procedure will allow for the software to be taken out of quarantine and make it playable. First let's click on the file "Mac OS X Fix.txt" in your game folder so that we can copy the code needed. Once the file is open highlight the whole line of code in the text file and (Command + C). This will copy the text into the clipboard so that we can paste it later. Second, navigate and open your Terminal application (Finder --> Applications --> Utilities --> Terminal). Paste the code (Command + V) into the terminal window and press the return (enter) key. This will take the program out of quarantine and allow its operation. See images below as a reference.



Your software is now out of quarantine and able to run properly. These instructions can be applied to all of Game Show Mania software titles.