Quiz Dolphin™ Face-Off Dot Matrix P...
Quiz Dolphin™ Face-Off Dot Matrix Podium with Powered Speaker
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Quiz Dolphin Face-Off Dot Matrix Podium with Powered Speaker

Our latest addition to the Game Show Mania Family is "Quiz Dolphin" the perfect addition for any game show. Quiz Dolphin™ comes with a hardware controller for easy operation and we included a powered speaker with a four channel mixer capable of handling an audience size up to several hundred.

But wait!!!! Quiz Dolphin™ is perfect for Schools and other educational venues. Quiz Dolphin™ can become the educational mascot of your school regardless of grade level. Students Pre K to High School will appreciate the novel and exciting educational game shows you can present with this unique character. Your students will actually be able to play by pressing the play buttons on Quiz Dolphin's head and give their answers over one of the two player microphones included.

Bring Quiz Dolphin™ into a classroom or on a stage and plug him in and away you go. The teachers can create their own curriculum (questions) and use Quiz Dolphin™ to test their students to see how well they retain what is being taught at that time. Quiz Dolphin™ can be the weekly visitor in every classroom in your school. the possibilities are endless!!!!

Quiz Dolphin comes with a 1 year parts and labor warranty.